Storyboards are property of David Zach.

Action Story Board Sequence (Personal Test)

Storyboards and original idea by David Zach

Storyboard Test from Billy Wilder's "The Apartment".   All sound is from original 1960's Billy Wilder movie (for test purpose only)

 I boarded this seq having never watched this movie, only when I was finished I watched the original movie seq.


Two main characters are Bud (young executive) lends out his apartment to his boss Mr Sheldrake so he can entertain his many mitresses.  One day Bud noticed a broken compact mirror left in his apartment from one of Mr Sheldrake's many  ladies.

Fran (works as an elevator attendant in building) She is having an affair with Mr Sheldrake, and just found out in previous seq  that she is one of many women Mr Sheldrake entertains on the side.  

Sample Storyboard Panels​​​​​​​

Sample storyboard panel (example of my shorthand sketch)

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